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Aura Spray / ii 15ml

Aura Spray / ii 15ml

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All Timeless Edition fragrances are created with the wish that you can attain sacred moments. We embodied the messages received intuitively into visions and fragrances. Since individuals perceive different senses, simply just enjoy your own. Not to mention our commitment to quality, we lavishly use rare and valuable essential oils selected by exercising intuition.

What is Aura Spray?

Our Aura Spray is a spray that purifies and refreshes your space and mood. We recommend that you meditate on the theme of the fragrance in the scent of your favorite blend. You can also use it during meditation or at bedtime to enhance your intuition. How about taking it with you when you travel or go out to create a space where you feel safe, or using it to maintain your own energy by smudging your aura before meeting someone? Not only are the essential oils, which are carefully selected, used, but organic ethanol and crystal water are also used to enhance its purifying power.

Message from the scent of "ii"

"Moment of realizing that you and I are connected"

What do you associate with the name "ii" of this fragrance? The number "2", for example. "i" means "I" and there are two of them. It means you are both you and I. The sound "i" also means "love (愛 in Japanese)" or "eye". The fragrance expresses a vision of you and I, yin and yang, the two polarities of the world, and their fusion.

Scent Characteristics

This is a blend of many essential oils with a mainly floral scent centered on the rose. It starts with a clean citrus note, followed by a light, delicate, sweet floral as the main aroma. A subtle yet long-lasting balsam and woody scents lingers.

Floral ●●●●
Citrus ●●●
Woody ●●●
Chakra  Heart Chakra, Crown Chakra
Elements Air, Ether

How to Use

Spray a few pumps when you want to change your mood or purify a place or space. 

Precautions for Use

● This product is not a drink. ● Do not use directly on skin. ● This product is not a cosmetic, pharmaceutical, or quasi-drug. ● Close the cap properly after use as it evaporates easily. ● Keep away from fire. ● Avoid high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight, and keep it out of reach of children. ● Avoid use on infants. ● Those who are pregnant or have health concerns should be careful when using. ● Rinse with plenty of water and consult a doctor if it comes into contact with your eyes. ● The estimated expiration date is approximately 1 year. Use as soon as possible after opening, as it may vary depending on the storage conditions, etc.● There may be foreign objects or the color of the liquid may change because it uses plant-based raw materials. ● The essential oil may separate, so shake well before use.


Product Name Aura Spray, ii
Country of Origin Japan
Internal Capacity 15ml
Raw Material Essential oil/Absolute ,Plant-fermented alcohol, crystal water
Material Container = Glass, Cap = PELD, Label = PP, Outer case = Paper

❊ The effectiveness of each essential oil is covered in the Timeless Editions site, but this is not intended to prove the effectiveness of this product. Consider this as having nothing to do with the product.

❊ The size of the outer box will vary depending on the type and number of products ordered.

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