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Chakra Incense / 4 Anahata

Chakra Incense / 4 Anahata

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We are currently changing the ingredients for incense. Please wait a little while until the new product is released.

While most incenses are made with synthetic fragrances, Timeless Edition's scents are created exclusively from natural essential oils and absolutes. All of our incenses have a very gentle and soft fragrance. Enjoy the unique fragrance that is different from both Japanese and ethnic incense.

Fragrances formulated to match your chakras

This incense is blended with essential oils and fragrance ingredients to correspond to the chakras. Please see the article below for an explanation about chakras.

If you want to know which chakra is the theme for you right now, check it out below.

Delivering fresh incense

Because natural scents are subject to change, we produce small quantities frequently to ensure our products are delivered to our customers as fresh as possible. We recommend that you use it as soon as possible after purchasing. Please note that we cannot make large quantities at once, so you may have to wait a little longer for delivery depending on the timing.

For relaxation and meditation

Your favorite scent will support you when you want to relax, when you want to calm down from overthinking, or when you want to focus on meditation. The scent varies depending on the product, but it is based on the woody scent of incense, so it is perfect for spending time peacefully.

Burning time

It takes about 50 minutes per stick. Please note that each product is different and the burning time will vary depending on the environment in which you use it.

About the scent | Anahata

The scents are blended using a unique balance of essential oils, herbs, resins, etc. to correspond to the chakras. Anahata is scent corresponding to the heart chakra. Palo santo, palmarosa, geranium, rose and star anise are used as the base.

It supports you to give and receive love. The energy put into this product is tuned into the unconditional love that just blesses and loves your existence and receives your love gratefully, beyond the conditional type that gives and receives love in turn for something. Suitable occasions for use are when you want to love yourself more, or when you want to be more sensitive to gratitude and love in your daily life.

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How to Use

Light the tip of the incense and extinguish the flame once it ignites. Enjoy the scent of the smoke.

Precautions for Use

● Do not use near flammable materials. ● Do not leave it unattended during use. ● Avoid direct sunlight and humidity, and keep it out of reach of children. ● Use it in a stable place, such as using an incense holder. ● Do not use in areas exposed to wind. ● Each shape is not uniform. ● Stop using it immediately and consult a specialist if you feel unwell or experience any skin abnormalities while using the product. ● Be careful not to scatter the ashes after burning. ● The scent evaporates easily, so use it as soon as possible after purchasing.


Product Name incense
Country of Origin Japan
Internal Capacity 20 sticks
Material Container = Glass, Cap = Aluminum, Label = PP, Outer case = Paper

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