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Natural Incense Blend / No.5 Protection

Natural Incense Blend / No.5 Protection

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This is a natural incense, a blend of rare natural resins and essential oils.

What is Natural Incense?

These incenses are made of naturally-derived resins and heated when used. Some types are mixed with herbs and trees. We use rare natural resins collected from all over the world. There are many different types of resins, and of course you can use just one type, but some types have very unique and strong fragrances. This series offers well-balanced blends of various resins, essential oils, herbs, and trees.

Spiritual items used in rituals since ancient times

Resin is a sacred substance that has been used in rituals since ancient times. Different resins have different meanings but are used for purification of mind, body, and space, and for healing, protection, prosperity, awakening, connection to the spiritual world, etc.

Characterized by smoke

Resin, once heated, produces a lot of smoke. Resins have long been used in ceremonies because of their strong purifying and connecting energies. It is recommended to take special care if you do not like smoke or if smoke has an unwelcome effect on the environment. On the contrary, thanks to the special power of smoke, you will feel a sense of purification and an instantaneous change of energy in the space after using the product.

Attached Items

Incense charcoal and a carbon sheet used when burning natural incense are provided.

Incense Charcoal

Incense charcoal used when heating resin will be supplied as a set of eight. One burns for about 40 minutes. Refer to "How to Use" item for details.

Carbon Sheet

Placing the carbon sheet underneath when using resin will help to prevent any of the melted resin from sticking directly to the container. Note that it is just for peace of mind since it is quite possible for melted resin to come out of the sheet and land in the container.

About the Scent

The scent varies depending on the product but all have a strong scent because natural incense heats resin directly. Unlike incense, since there are no binding materials or wood mixed to harden it, you can feel the scent directly. It is also lightly scented with essential oils. Enjoy the world view of the unique scent of resin and essential oil quietly different from essential oils, incense, and single resin.

No.5 Protection

This blend is scented with a mix of resins including dragon's blood, myrrh, and benzoin. It has the strongest, heaviest, coolest, and most earthy fragrance. This scent is suitable for grounding.

Five Types of Natural Incense

There are five types of natural incense due to the different blends of resins and essential oils. Enjoy these different scents.

How to Use Incense Charcoal

➀ Prepare an incense burner or a heat-resistant container.
➁ Lay a carbon sheet if necessary.
Use with the silver side facing down and the black side facing up.
➂ Ignite the incense charcoal.
Heat the incense charcoal more than half way to prevent the flame from going out. Be careful as sparks may fly when igniting due to moisture absorption and drying of the charcoal. Do not blow on the ignition as sparks may fly.
➃ Place the resin on top of the incense charcoal and enjoy the smoke and its aroma.
Choose two or three resins with different colors, and add 1 ~ 2 pinches of herbs, etc. Add if it runs out.
➄ After use
The incense charcoal fire will extinguish naturally in about 40 minutes. Be careful as there may be some flash points left even when it burns to ash. In case you want to put out the fire midway through, prepare plenty of water, pinch the incense charcoal with heat-resistant chopsticks, etc. and put it in the water. The incense charcoal and resin cannot be used again because they now contain water. For this reason, it is recommended to set the amount that can be used at one time.

Precautions for Use

● Avoid high temperature and humidity, and store in a cool, dark place. ● Keep out of reach of children.● This product is not food. ● Place it on a flat surface and light it on a non-flammable material. ● Use it in a place where there are no flammable items nearby. ● Do not use in a windy area. ● Do not leave the fire unattended while it is lit. ● Be sure to extinguish the fire before going to bed. ● Be careful when small children, pets, or the elderly are nearby. ●Be careful during and immediately after use as it is hot and may cause burns. ● Note that there is a risk of reaction to equipment that detects smoke such as a fire alarm or smoke detector.


Product Name Natural Incense Blend, No.5 Protection
Country of Origin Japan
Internal Capacity 50g
Raw Material Natural resin, Essential oil
Material Container = Glass, Cap = PELD, Label = PP, Outer case = Paper

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