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【NEW】Oracle Card / Love.

【NEW】Oracle Card / Love.

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Timeless Edition's oracle cards are characterized by simplicity and stylishness.We have kept the messages on the cards as simple as possible so as not to interfere with your intuition. Oracle cards allow you to talk directly to your Higher Self, so they will give you a hint when you want to hear your true heart's voice.

Oracle Deck Love.

"The message of Love"

This is an oracle card that allows you to receive a message from the perspective of "Love" about everything that is happening around you now and everything that will happen in the future. The word love has many different definitions depending on the person. Here, we focused on the essential part of love, "self-love". 愛 (= Love) is pronounced the same as "I" in English. So love means me. Deepening your self-love is the same as deepening your love for the people you interact with and the entire world. Learning about self-love is like learning about the world itself. This is an oracle card that allows you to learn how to perceive the world through self-love.

Check the explanation of each card online

An explanation of each card and how to use that card can be checked online, but only the Japanese version is currently available.

Oracle decks can be used in series

There are currently 4 types of oracle cards of the same size. It's interesting to use them together or separately to get a deeper message.

Be.  The message to live true to yourself
Do.  The message that encourages you to act following your heart
Numbers.  Numbers and their messages
Love.  The message of love


Product Name Oracle Deck Love.
Print Japan
Number of cards 44
Size W77D110H22mm
Material Paper

*On rare occasions, there may be unevenness, ink splatter, or dust in some parts of the print. Thank you for your understanding.

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